KEYNOTE The China Leadership Dilemma, Cultural Dichotomies, and Live Q&A

Uncategorized May 30, 2020

May 28, 2020 - Guest speaker appearance for the Evening MBA program at Georgia Tech.


00:01:00 Introduction

00:04:45 Is / Is Not
00:14:40 Perceptions / Misperceptions

00:19:37 Goodwill Extraction

00:24:53 Case Study (Lie, Cheat, Steal)

00:39:19 Cultural Dichotomies

00:51:48 Chinese Political Correctness

00:56:13 Alternative “Winning” Path Forward

00:58:50 Q&A

00:59:45 Q1: In China negotiations, what type of negotiations occur post-contract? What's necessary to implement the contract?
01:01:20 Q2: How do you deal with GOODWILL EXTRACTION?
01:04:20 Q3: Given the importance of SAVING FACE, how hard should you push during negotiations when you feel the other party is not being fair? Should you be more confrontational or just keep quiet?
01:06:45 Q4: What's The Art Of War? Can you discuss the "awkward silence" during negotiations in Asia? What's my one piece of advice for negotiating with Chinese people?
01:10:15 Q5: What are Chinese people's interpretation of American business norms?
01:12:50 Q6: How should you deal with sensitive Chinese history in normal conversations?
01:15:05 Q7: Do we in the West have anything to learn from China as far as management best practices, marketing, etc.?
01:18:05 Q8: Do you think the authoritarian system in China will stifle innovation?
01:20:20 Q9: Is there anything we can do to ensure there isn't exploitation of our open American system?
01:23:40 Q10: What happened with Jack from the case study?

TOPIC: The China Leadership Dilemma

CLASS: MGT6185 Global Business Environments, Scheller College of Business

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. John R. McIntyre, Executive Director, Georgia Tech Center for International Business Education & Research (CIBER) 

GUEST SPEAKER: Gene J. Hsu, Founder, EME China Consultants

MY THESIS is our (American) cultural biases toward China lead us towards greater conflict and dilemmas that can only be solved by learning to "think different" about Chinese people.
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