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"Knowing how to speak Chinese doesn't mean you know what to say in Chinese"

Cross-Cultural Performance Mastery is a leadership development system that focuses on improving outcomes by proactively managing perceptions and misperceptions. The journey begin with you developing essential soft skills that will empower you to Crush It! in China or any cross-cultural environment.

My Story

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, graduated with an engineering degree, and eventually found myself in Asia. After 10+ years of traveling Greater China for business, I married a girl from China that I met in Atlanta and embarked on my first China expat assignment in 2011.

I have since worked as a consultant in China for MNCs in JVs with Chinese SOEs, started my own business in China, and taught cross-cultural management at various Executive and MBA programs throughout China. My journey to empower individuals in multicultural environments continues with the support of Brian Rose and Kajabi.


China Business Essentials (CBE)

Crushing It! In China requires developing a Mindset for China Business that can feel unnatural, counterintuitive, and illogical, so we created CBE webinars as a means to help you with your training and development progression. Understanding common engagements in the proper cultural context will help trigger your positive imagination and purpose-driven curiosity for your next business encounter in China.

CBE Webinar Schedule

  • Dec 5, 2018 - Avoid the #1 Self-Inflicted Cause of Dysfunctional Partnerships in China
  • Dec 19, 2018 - Crush Your China Leadership Dilemmas & Supercharge Employee Performance

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"Insightful, I found this of real value. Thank you Gene, even after my 21 years of living and building businesses in China, I've learned something new. This was packed with so much useful mindset insights, am going to watch it over again. Being able to hear the experiences of others in the Q&A is a real plus." CBE#1 webinar comment from Michael E. (Dec 7, 2018)


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