China Re-Imagined with NEW Patterns of Success

Jul 09, 2020

You received Chinese cultural training before your first China trip, but it didn't adequately prepare you for what you later encountered.

You have decades of experience living and working in China, but you are still frustrated with several aspects of Chinese behavior.

Most people rarely meet or exceed their expectations, which is especially true when we first imagine our endeavors in China. After some initial shock and disbelief of individual characteristics and behavioral patterns, we soon become fatigued with China-specific issues and begin to attribute our results to "this is as good as we can expect out of China!"


Failure to reach our desired outcome typically cannot be blamed on a lack of knowledge. Instead, the culprit is the lack of necessary and proper action. It has become common knowledge that achieving a healthy body or losing weight is a combination of diet and exercise. Yet, far too many people still struggle with losing weight and living healthier.


• Your Psychology (Mindset)
• Your Motivation (Attitude)

If you cannot get psychologically motivated and commit to changing your diet and exercising, you will not magically achieve your "ideal" weight. In order words, without the right attitude and mindset, the patterns of behavior necessary to reach your desired outcome will not change. My training incorporates +TRIGGERS to help you reimagine your interactions to develop new patterns-of-behavior that will unlock a better result.


• Purpose-driven CURIOSITY


The key to success in any endeavor is to focus on the things you can control and divert your attention away from those you cannot.

• 20% of business success is affected by macro, geopolitical factors (100% UNCONTROLLABLE)
• 80% of business success is affected by individual relationships (100% INFLUENCABLE)

It is challenging to manage risk when you only consider what you perceive on the surface, so the best way to protect yourself and maximize your success rate is to know what people (Chinese) think and how things actually work in China. To accomplish this, we advise our clients to develop two essential soft skills that matter.

1. AWARENESS (Self-, Cultural, Situational)


Knowledge without the proper action will not lead to the outcomes you desire. New patterns of behavior and interaction are uncomfortable, unnatural, and often unknown, so we help our practitioners develop and deploy TRIGGERS to bridge the gap between knowledge and the proper approach (ACTION).

1. KNOWLEDGE (Cultural Dichotomies)
2. TRIGGERS (Positive Imagination + Purpose-Driven Curiosity)
3. ACTION (Adjusting our AMA Values = Attitude, Mindset, and Approach)

We use Cultural Dichotomies to trigger positive imagination and purpose-driven curiosity to build a foundation for developing greater EMPATHY and a winning approach for doing business across cultures.


I believe the world would be a better place if America and China got along, and that this begins with Americans and Chinese getting along better.

Learn more about The China Leadership Dilemma and support my mission to reduce our cultural biases by learning to "think different" about Chinese people.


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