Lessons from Dr. Strange

mindset Apr 02, 2019

Most transformational success requires some sort of MINDSET adjustment, which is also the reason why most people fail to achieve their aspirational goals.

When we analyze what other successful leaders do, it seems doable.

When we observe the successful behavior pattern of our role models, it appears simple to replicate. Just follow their formula for success.

So why are we often disappointed with our results?

The recent Marvel Studios movie Doctor Strange is a perfect analogy for the journey into China as a Westerner and the MINDSET adjustment needed to achieve someone extraordinary.

Mastering the mystic arts is a similar challenge as developing the essential soft skills to communicate effectively in China.

“I once stood in your place, and I too was disrespectful. So might I offer you some advice, forget everything you think you know.”

A high IQ does not help Strange master the mystic arts, but rather his achievement is based on forgetting everything he knows to be true and developing a new perspective and way of thinking.

The journey into China requires a similar mindset adjustment!

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