Generational ABC (American Born Chinese) Podcast - Season I


I think the world would be a better place if China and America got along, and perhaps that begins with Chinese and Americans getting along better...

Hi, my name is Gene Hsu.

I'm a China business coach, trainer, and advisor, but more importantly, I'm an ABC, that's American Born Chinese.

ABCs are also known as Bananas, WHITE on the inside, but YELLOW on the outside. This means my values are more Western and democratic, but I also share some traditional Chinese beliefs and values too....

And at the intersection between America and China, I am concerned about the lack of cultural awareness on both sides, but I am still optimistic about the future for my unborn son, YES, my wife is currently pregnant with our first child...

Generational ABC Podcast are my conversations with my unborn son, one ABC to another, and my attempt to explain our world in context in order for him to make better sense of his world, which will be nothing like the world we live in today...

Welcome to SEASON I, the first 12 conversations between me and my son ... discussing the dichotomies between America and China, based on my personal experience growing up in Atlanta, Georgia to eventually living and working in Shanghai...

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