Forbes Negotiating In China: 10 Rules for Success  (FINAL PART)

china chinese culture chinese mindset guanxi negotiations partnering Feb 25, 2019

This is Part 4 of my rebuttal to the Forbes article entitled, Negotiating in China: 10 Rules for Success covering Rules 7 and 10.

I recorded a rebuttal to Rule 7 again (by accident), and the substance is different.

This illustrates the importance of CONTEXT, where the perspective, mindset, and approach might be different for every situation.

THERE ISN'T A ONE SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION, and it is why we say there is never an absolute right or wrong way to negotiate in any culture.

Your success will not be achieved by reading someone's rules or tips.

Leaders achieve better outcomes when they transfer greater cultural awareness into the proper adjustments to their attitude, mindset, and approach (AMA Values).

Rule 8. Don’t set artificial deadlines; control your emotions.

The Forbes CONTRIBUTOR advises setting artificial deadlines, threatening to walk out of negotiations, or giving in to displays of anger seldom work in China.


"Displaying a higher EQ is beneficial in any situation or culture, but I advise foreigners to avoid being more emphatic as a means to get their point across. Displays of emotion divert attention to your displays of emotion, rather than your main point."

Rule 9. Be fair, reasonable and diplomatic.

The Forbes CONTRIBUTOR asserts if your Chinese counterpart believes that you are being unreasonable, they may not openly say so, but your negotiations are likely to stall and go nowhere.


"Westerner don’t understand the value of deliberate vagueness as an Art of War tactic during negotiations! More explanations generally help very little, especially in the long-term."

Rule 10. Nothing succeeds like indifference.

The Forbes CONTRIBUTOR asserts it’s never a good idea to be an overly anxious suitor, and a bit of indifference can help preserve your leverage in any relationship.


"The key to successful negotiations and subsequently, successful partnerships, is GUANXI. GUANXI. GUANXI."

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