EME Consultants LLC is looking for DIY Marketing Interns

Sep 12, 2019

Get paid and gain PRACTICAL experiences in global marketing not available without a mentor who seeks to empower you like an entrepreneur...

DIY means you will have flexibility and authority to achieve our negotiated objectives. The project-based outcomes will be measured (KPIs) and you will establish the milestone/deliverables. You will OWN your marketing project(s), and your CV will reflect your achievements.

DIY means you will be mentored and/or sponsored to fill knowledge and skill gaps needed to achieve our jointly agreed marketing objectives.

DIY means you will apply your existing skills and experiences to enhance your performance.

DIY means you will develop social, cross-cultural communications, negotiations, and leadership skills throughout your internship activities and apply them constantly towards achieve business objectives.

We value trends more than outcomes!

EME Consultants LLC operates in Irvine, CA, but our audience, prospects, and avatars are all over the world. This means we are also open to remote internships via Zoom, Skype, or WeChat.
DIY means your marketing internship is customized for your situation.

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