About Gene J. Hsu

I specialize in 'Mindset for China Business' (MFCB) keynotes, training, and coaching to help leaders solve their China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs)


I’ve spent over 20 years leading people, projects, and cross-cultural teams in Greater China (from Applications Engineer to Country Manager to Entrepreneur/CEO).

I’ve taught Cross-Cultural Management in Chinese to Chinese executives throughout China and given Mindset for China Business (MFCB) lectures to MBAs/EMBAs at several universities in Shanghai and the US since 2007.

I am as American as football and apple pie, while also fluent in Mandarin Chinese, so I fully immersed myself into every cross-cultural interaction where I discovered the critical importance of EMPATHY and SELF-AWARENESS as the primary gateways into social acceptance and long-term success.


• LEARN the major cultural dichotomies between China and the West and how to successfully navigate them. Avoid stepping on a cultural landmine!

• UNDERSTAND Chinese culture and discover how to create real guanxi relationships that minimize friction and accelerate growth and profitability!

• UNCOVER your own myopia to avoid lost revenue, wasted expenditures, and a negative reputation for yourself and your business


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Gene J. Hsu | EME Founder