6 Essential Steps to CRUSH It! In China

Discover a new China reality, effortless communications and predictable outcomes!



China business is only frustrating for those who swim against the cultural tides! Let us guide you to reverse your misfortunes and achieve more favorable outcomes in China, predictably and consistently! We will train you to develop real Guanxi relationships and solve your China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) through 6 foundational China Essentials BLUEPRINT (CEB) modules.

  • Module 1 - 3 Pillars for Transformational Success in China
  • Module 2 - The Guanxi Engine
  • Module 3 - Perceptions and Misperceptions
  • Module 4 - Developing Essential Soft Skills That Matter
  • Module 5 - Becoming a Master of Cross-Cultural Performance
  • Module 6 - Your NEW Modus Operandi (MO)


Facebook Group

Life-time access to CLD NATION, where you can engage, share, and receive feedback, tips, and case studies directly from Gene J. Hsu and other cross-cultural performance masters regarding your current endeavors in China.

LIVE Office Hours

Every week during the course, there will be two weekly China Business Advisory (CBA) Cross-Cultural Performance group coaching sessions for you to speak directly with Gene.

CCP Guide

Every participant will receive EME's Definite Guide to Cross-Cultural Performance Mastery.

80% Discount for 1-on-1 Coaching ($500 value)

Each registration includes a one-time offer to purchase 2 private 30-minute CBA/CCP coaching sessions held via Zoom with Calendly scheduling access (recommend scheduling 1st on-boarding call during Module I).

"Thank you so much for the great webinar which I truly enjoyed and learned so much! Your lecture was so clear and persuasive with specific case study which vividly illustrate challenges foreign managers experience in China. The discussion after your lecture was very effective and stimulating because of your insightful answers to my questions. I will give the highest rating to your webinar which is the best I have ever experienced. I am looking forward to your next webinar and definitely will bring more friends of mine to your future webinars."

Kenny C.
Mindset for China Business webinar participant

What is a China Leadership Dilemma (CLD)?

When your normal modus operandi (MO) doesn't achieve the same results or reactions, you are experience a China Leadership Dilemma (CLD) -- CLDs are more important considerations over the course of an endeavor, project, or partnership because the outcome is an "unexpected" disappointment -- China Leadership Dilemmas are symptoms of myopic, lack of awareness and empathy, and unknown unknowns.

"Working in a diverse cultural environment like Shanghai, your creation of the Cross Culture Performance model and your group coaching sessions were extremely valuable to me and others that attended the session. Your experience working with leaders in China provided unique and practical insights into how to bridge cultural differences in real-world settings. Your coaching approach and the use of your framework helped people to get beyond the cultural stereotypes and understand how to show empathy and build relationships across cultures. I wish you success as you help others in the US gain these same insights."

James W.
Vistage China CEO

Yes, I am ready to Crush It! in China

Your journey to develop a Mindset for China Business will begins today...

"Gene coached me since last year. It plays an important role in my career development. Especially in a multinational corporation, understanding each other's cultural background is the key to effective communication. In a fast-growing market, it sounds good when you having multiple choices / opportunities in the future, but choosing one of them will be difficult. Sometimes we need to thinking differently, and analyze the pros and cons from different angles. I also learned how to break down problems and essentially solve them. "

L. Yang
M&S Director in China for American MNC

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